GGE has been building power alongside young people for almost 20 years. Together, we use all the tools available to challenge systems of oppression.

How does GGE pull it all together?

At GGE, we use policy advocacy and organizing to ensure that young people, especially cisgender and transgender girls and non-binary youth of color, can live self-determined lives. We center Black girls and we build intergenerational alliances. Together, we are creating the schools, communities, and world that we want to live in.

Combining policy advocacy and community organizing allows us to reshape the power structures so that decisions are a better reflection of the values and demands of young people, especially youth of color.

GGE understands that gender-based violence is connected to racism, misogyny, trans-antagonism, ableism, adultism, and classism, and it is also connected to state violence.

Often the important work to end the school-to-prison pipeline overlooks girls. GGE is tracking incidents of violence against girls of color by police in and around schools. This map tells that story.

Our policy work reaches all levels of government

See our current FederalNew York State and New York City policy agendas to learn more about what we’re advancing in the next year. We are not only dismantling systems of oppression, but we are building the communities we want to live within.

Young People Deserve to Live Self-Determined Lives, Free from Gender-Based Violence

All young people should experience communities and schools built on consent, autonomy, and freedom from violence.

Ending Abuse at the Hands of Law Enforcement

Criminalization is a form of state-sanctioned sexual violence that disproportionately harms girls and non-binary youth of color.

Young People Should Experience Education Justice

Schools are central institutions in young peoples’ lives; education justice means dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline and ending school pushout.

Girls and Non-Binary Youth of Color Must Have Access to Safe, Fulfilling Lives

We use all the tools that we have to challenge oppression and imagine the future we want to live in.