GGE’s Police-Free Schools Campaign

As nationwide momentum propels us forward, now is the time to dream our biggest and most extravagant dreams of freedom and liberation along with all our people and schools. GGE’s vision for police-free schools seeks to end youth criminalization and what made police in schools possible, and in that work, transforming what schools can be.

The Campaign’s Founding Framework

Beginning in 2015, GGE facilitated a Participatory Action Research Project with young people across New York City, culminating in The School Girls Deserve Report. Girls and TGNC youth of color identified school cops as a barrier to accessing a quality education, making them feel constantly watched, controlled, and criminalized. In coalition with youth, educators, and families across the City, GGE continues to move forward the demand to decriminalize learning environments and remove all cops and policing cultures from schools.

Campaign Resources

On this page we offer:

1. Our short film;

2. Our toolkit;

3. Our national mapping project;

4. Our policy briefs and reports;

5. Our calls to action.

Short Film: Why We Want Police-Free Schools

How did NYC get so many school cops?  How did we get here – check out GGE’s short film to see what events prompted the dramatic growth of the largest school police force in the world.

Sustaining Police-Free Schools Through Practice: A Toolkit for New York City School Communities

This toolkit is a compilation of tips, templates, and resources to assist school community members in creatively reimagining and building strategies to sustain a Police-Free School. It is our hope that this provides the context and language helpful to actively participate in the work to address the systemic racism young people are subject to on a daily basis due to the presence of police in their schools.

Accompanying Resources:

Mapping Police-Free Schools Momentum

Following the historic vote by the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education on June 2, 2020, GGE has been tracking media coverage of police-free schools wins, changes, conversations, and ongoing organizing in school districts across the country.

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Policy Reports & Data Briefs

Calls to Action