GGE Responds to the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2022

Every January, the Mayor of the City of New York must release a preliminary budget for the next fiscal year. Since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office, he’s grown the NYPD’s school policing division year after year. Today’s preliminary budget for school police is the NYPD’s biggest one yet.

In these new budget documents, we’re able to see how the budget first proposed last January and adopted in June 2020 (Fiscal Year 2021) has been modified. We see today that the Mayor is truly committed to stalling any calls for change.

New York City is behind. We’ve been following #PoliceFreeSchools movement across the country and transformative change is possible, and it is possible right now. Check out for more.

Following today, the New York City Council will hold budget oversight hearings, there will be a new draft budget in April, and by June this budget will be finalized. Join us as we demand #PoliceFreeSchools now. We can’t wait.